Practice is the evidence of passion.  It is the path to mastery, to adaptation, and transformation.

Practice is that force in us that is opposite to entropy, to apathy, and to death.

We are dedicated to those who, like us, want to change but struggle with practice.

Our lives have a circular pattern formed by the rotation of a circular earth about its axis, and by the revolution of the earth about a circular sun.  We rise in the morning with the sun, and lay down to sleep with its setting.  And the practices we repeat in the course of a day, in the days of a season, and the seasons of a year determine our destinies over the course of our lives.

Moreover the circles of our friends, family, and coworkers codetermine our conversation, the thoughts of our meditation, and the confidences of our heart.

We seek to bring people together into a circle of practice, to learn from each other how we practice, what we practice, and why.

We believe that from this circle of practice we will lead each other into a new age of well-being and connectedness.

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