Domains of Practice

I consider a domain to be a subset of my life experience where a certain set of rules, relationships, or skills obtain that either don’t obtain or are of diminished importance in another such subset.

I have divided my life into nine of these domains of practice: spirit, mind, body, emotion, family, society, profession, personal finance, and household.

  1. I define spirit to be those ideas and processes I associate with meaning making, purpose, and faith.
  2. By mind I mean those cognitive processes by which I come to know and understand the world.
  3. By body I mean the physical vessel that I associate with me.
  4. By emotion I mean the interface between the mind and body, and the social sphere I move in.
  5. By family I mean my immediate family of spouse & children (including step) as well as extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
  6. By social I mean those relationships with people beyond family members of people I know, such as friends and acquaintances, as well as those larger communities and cultures of people that I may not know that I live and work with, yet which I may influence and am influenced by.
  7. By profession I mean the means or intended means of one’s livelihood.  The skill associated with, or required by such vocation.
  8. By personal finance I mean what a household does with the money it has earned, inherited, or borrowed.
  9. By household I mean the maintenance of the living environment, the preparing of meals, and activities related to the care of children that are not directly interpersonal (that is, a conversation or letter written to a child, or a date with a child where conversation or personal interaction is the primary intent I would categorize as family).

I believe I came to recognize these nine domains because I do care about whether I am competent in each, and because I have recognized some kind of skill deficit in that domain that did not carry over from some other domain in which I was already competent.  Your list might be different from mine.

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