Harness Infinity in your Practice

We tend to think of infinity as a REALLY big number.  But pick any number you want, even say a googolplex, and that number is finite.  It is limited.  A googolplex plus one is still greater than a googolplex.

Infinity is unlimited or unbounded.

Infinity is less of a thing than it is a process.

The natural numbers are just the counting numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4,…  We know that there are infinitely many of them, because if you assume there are only finitely many, then there must be a largest number, say N.  But N+1 is greater than N, and if N is a natural number then so is N+1.  This contradicts our assumption that there are only finitely many.  Hence there are infinitely many natural numbers.

It is by this process of adding one that we come to infinity.  As soon as we stop adding one, we know that no matter how big the number is, it is still finite.

So how do we harness this concept of infinity into our practice?  By doing our practice every day.  This is what takes us from N to N+1, from the finite to the infinite.

The brain is a very plastic organ.  When we do something again and again, particularly at the same time and place every day, that activity will eventually cease to be something we consciously choose, and will eventually become nearly autonomous, like the beating of our hearts.

Our practice becomes truly powerful when we no longer waste any emotional energy on choosing whether or not to do it. At this point our practice transcends habit; it becomes part of our very nature.

N+1 follows N as night follows day.

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